Charlie Hunnam Actor: Who Is He?


Charlie Hunnam is getting ready to break out the handcuffs for his brand-spanking new role as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey. But just who is the actor who will play the brooding billionaire alongside Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia Steele?

The actor is originally from Newcastle, England, a working-class town. As a kid, he moved to the Lake District, where fighting was common. He is one of two sons of what he has described as a “tough-guy” father and a “bohemian” mother. They split up when he was 2 years old.

Hunnam went on to get his degree in the performing arts from Cumbria College of Art and Design in Cumbria, England. His first big role came at age 18, when he was cast in the British TV series Queer As Folk. He appeared in 10 episodes, playing a gay teen, before moving to Los Angeles. He went on to land roles including the lead in 2002’s Nicholas Nickleby, a part in Cold Mountain in 2003 and Sons of Anarchy in 2008.

Sons of Anarchy fans know (and love) him, but may not realize Hunnam, 33, has been appearing on screen for more than a decade.

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